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The "12 Kids of Christmas" program is established to build positive relationships between police officers and the children of the community. Toledo Area Police officers and Toledo area children spend a day together celebrating Christmas. Often a child will buy presents for everyone in the family, but have to be coached by the officer to purchase a present of their own. It is a very positive experience not only for the kids that are involved, but also for the officers.

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The "Operation Hands Off" program uses the NRA's Eddie Eagle program to teach children how to stay safe if they find a firearm. This program is taught at schools, daycare facilities, churches,and anywhere else that we can all free of charge!


The Mounted Patrol provides a wonderful opportunity for community outreach. The horses are highly visible, approachable and draw the young and old alike to an open conversation with officers. The community of people who care about bringing this patrol back to our city, is key to this entire project. 


“Urban Outdoors” is a nonprofit program operated by Feet on the Street that is being developed for urban youth. Our mission is to give urban kids an opportunity to extend their horizon beyond their communities, thus becoming cognizant of the world in which they live.

If you are interested in becoming a Force Behind the Shield, please contact us.

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