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Feet on the Street” is a 501c3 non-profit organization working diligently to raise money for the Toledo Police Department’s Mounted Patrol Unit and to bring attention to the importance of proper staffing of our police personnel. By raising awareness, we can focus our attention on the need to make sure the City of Toledo has sufficient numbers of law enforcement personnel. By creating a safer city, business minded people will want to bring their businesses to our city; and citizens will choose to stay and raise their families here. Our message is a positive one, which is much needed for people wanting to invest in the future of Toledo.




Zach Stewart is the founder and CEO of the Feet on the Street program. The organization came about after the initial inquiry to find private dollars to bring back the mounted patrol. Based on the public awareness value of the mounted patrol, it is believed the public would support an organization with the goal of bringing back this popular unit.


Joe Okos is a Toledo Police officer and co-founder of Feet on the Street. His hard work in the organization has been instrumental in getting other police officers interested in the program.


To contact Zach Stewart or Joe Okos click here.

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